Tait Windham

Tait Windham joined the staff at CrossPoint in 2011 as associate minister to students. Here are some questions that he answered in order for you to better know him.

Where were you born? Meridian, MS

When were you saved? Summer of 01’ at a youth “explosion”. I was 13.

Are you married? Yes, to Kate. Not only is she smokin’ hot, but also she is deep in her faith and sincere in her love for others. Total Package!

Do you have kids? Yes! My daughter Samara Grace was born on 8/23/2012 and my son John Gaines was born on 6/29/2015.

Why do you serve in student ministry? I serve in student ministry because I love middle and high school students. They are in a unique stage in their lives that is pivotal in their development into adulthood and in the shaping of the rest of their lives. They deal with real issues that can be really tough. I love being able to minister to them during this time in their life and to assist in pointing them to our Great Savior. Also, where else can you work that allows you to feel and act like a teenager again?!

Did you go to college or anything like that? Yes. I have a B.A. in Theology with a minor in Psychology from THE University of Mobile (Go Rams). I also have an M.Div. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Are you athletic? Do you play instruments? Are you boring? Yes, kind of, and I don’t think so, but you may disagree. I am very athletic. I love all sports but my favorites are baseball, flag football, and golf. I played baseball in high-school, intramurals in college (softball, flag-football, ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, and basketball). Currently, I am serving as the chaplain for the Springville High School Football and Softball teams. I play the guitar (kind of). I taught myself so I am very limited. Other things I enjoy doing include daddy days with my kids, hanging with my awesome wife, boating, skiing, knee-boarding, trying to wake-board, hunting, fishing, and reading.

What is your favorite type of food? No favorite type. I just love food period. A good steak is always nice. So is good fish and seafood. I love pretty much all vegetables and anything fried. Don’t even get me started on desserts!….man, I’m really hungry now.

What is your favorite sport team? If I have to narrow down to one then I must say that the Alabama Crimson Tide would be my favorite. However, I must make this distinction: I am a Roll Tide fan, NOT a Roe Tide fan. I like to be realistic and I serve only one God.

How do you want to finish this bio of you? By saying I am truly blessed to be serving the students at CrossPoint and to be working along side D-Bone Snyder and Lauren Stearns. They both love students with all of their hearts, and love Jesus even more. I could ask for a better team with which to do the work of our Father.