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CP Student Ministry Handbook 2017 FINAL

10 Myths of Student Ministry Adult Leadership

  1. The Youth Minister is the hired “buddy” for students.
  2. Adults aren’t needed unless it’s to make sure parents feel comfortable with the ratio of chaperones to students on trips.
  3. Adults can’t relate to students
  4. The Youth Minister can reach every student for Christ.
  5. Adult leadership will make student ministry boring.
  6. Small Group Bible Study doesn’t work.
  7. Programs define successful student ministry
  8. Teaching is the only form of good leadership.
  9. Leaders need to know all the answers.
  10. Adults volunteer to serve in the student ministry because they want to support the youth minister.

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Web Links For Parents


  • For Students

    For Parents

    • – website offering help in parenting teens
    • – great site for teen issues.
    • – Josh Mcdowell’s ministry site.  Great sites for tough questions!
    • – great site for several options in parenting!!!!
    • – prayers your teen may want to incorporate in his/her life. – a great prayer guide for daughters. – a great resource for daily prayers for teens. – this apples to children and teens.

    For Everyone