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Lessons from Aunt Roberta Part 1

Monday  – July 4, 2016 “Lessons Learned from Aunt Roberta.”   I have an incredible aunt.  Her name is Roberta and she is my spiritual hero.  She has been a constant source of encouragement, joy, truth, and support for me since I was born.  I can recall so many of our conversations about Jesus from […]

Social Media Tips for Parents

Parents, your teens are growing up in a social media world.  Last night, my friend and fellow student staff member Lauren Taylor sent a picture of the current SNAPCHAT main story page.  It was filthy.  It was tragic.  It was sinful.  Your teens are living in a world that teaches complete “freedom” with social media […]

Student Ministry Is More Than Just Pizza

A week ago from today, I joined tons of students and adults for a night of worship, games, and of course…pizza.  As a student ministry veteran, I have eaten my fair share of pizza.  It is cheap.  It is easily served.  It is predictable.  It draws crowds…especially when it is free.  For most church folks, […]

5 things parents can do for their teens

In less than a month, seniors will graduate.  Former babies in the arms of parents will walk across a stage, receive a diploma, and hear the forbidden shouts from their family (it’s funny to hear how screaming and clapping is not allowed…nobody follows).  As parents embrace the reality of their babies transferring to the difficult […]

Ways to avoid wasting the day

Have you ever prepared for a night’s sleep with the guilty thought of wasted hours in your mind?  You place your head on your pillow, stare at the ceiling, and realize time could’ve been utilized more wisely.  I’ve been there and on some days, I’m still there.  As I’m getting older, my desire for a […]


Each month, I go to my Verizon phone app and pay my bill.  I enjoy checking back the next day, making sure the payment cleared and seeing how much data has been used in the new cycle. My favorite part of checking back is seeing these three words next to the balance: PAID IN FULL. […]

Things I’ve learned so far as student minister

By God’s glorious grace found in Jesus, I have learned so much over the years as a minister to students.  Some of my lessons have come by mistakes.  Some lessons have come with mentors and patient parents.  On this beautiful Thursday afternoon, I can’t help but thank my Savior for the treasure He has given […]

One day…the toys will be gone

The other night, after tucking my kids in bed, I went into the playroom.  Toys were scattered across the floor like clothes in a middle school cabin on the last day of a retreat.  I took a few moments and soaked in the sight.  Little cars, trains, shopkins, stuffed animals, calico critters, airplanes, and other […]

Christmas comes with a variety of emotions

Christmas comes with a variety of emotions for people.  For some, this season involves nonstop joy, excitement, and energy; culminating with an early morning of presents and a day full of eating.  For some, this day brings the reminder of those missing from the celebration.  I’m not sure where you are right now as you […]

Jesus won.

  Pain and suffering  are unavoidable guests.  When our lives seem to have consistent happiness, stability, and meaning…we have our souls intruded with unexpected trials.  Can you relate?  Do you ever feel like hope is a distant shore you find impossible to reach as you sail through troubled waters?  Have you ever sat in your […]


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