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Questions To Ask Before Posting On Social Media

Social media has become the gathering place for status updates, picture sharing, business soliciting, memes, and many other uses.  So often, posts are made with or without the best intentions.  What questions should we ask ourselves before posting?  Here are some that came to mind. 1.  Will this post be embarrassing to my family?  Teens are […]

Common Sense Student Ministry

  The deeper we grow in our theology, the deeper our discernment must be in applying theology in our practice of ministry. Lack of common sense is one of the key ingredients to early termination in ministry positions. We must be on guard, protect, and passionately pursue the integrity of the Gospel in our everyday […]

5 things a husband must do for his wife

Husbands are called by the mercy of Jesus to lead and serve their wives (Ephesians 5:25-33).  This command was never meant to be an option years after the covenant was made.  This responsibility is the number one job for every husband on the planet, minus his joy in following Jesus.  When did we become so […]

What to do with Sin

I hate sin.  The more I grow in my love for Jesus, the deeper my hatred becomes with sin.  I hate the way it adds unnecessary weight to my daily marathon.  I hate the deception, the evil, the darkness, and the pain it causes.  I hate seeing sin destroy marriages and families.  I hate sin. […]

What Students Should Know In The Church

What Students Should Know In The Church If I could sit every student in every church down in one room and give a challenge, these words below would be included.  Students in today’s church are in desperate need of wisdom, guidance, and encouragement.  This list below contains seven things students should know in the church.. […]

Jesus is always better

  Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful – Hebrews 10:23, ESV We must hold fast daily the confession, the declaration of our allegiance to the only One who defeated sin and death.  When we feel defeated, we must remember His victory.  When our hope is […]

Lessons from Aunt Roberta – LIVE

Lessons from Aunt Robert – LIVE   Aunt Robert’s final word for facing her cancer is LIVE.  Within this word, she challenged me to , “Live In Vibrant Expectancy.”  Wow.  For anyone to say these words while suffering is testimony to the power of the Gospel.  I can honestly testify she is defining this word […]

Lessons from Aunt Robert – HUGS

Lessons from my Aunt Roberta – HUGS               My aunt is a hugger.  Do you have a hugger in your family?  She does not know strangers.  She has no shame in hugging folks in public.  Love genuinely comes from her soul to those around her.  She loves the unlovable.  She loves the unreached.  She […]

Lessons from Aunt Roberta – REST

Lessons from Aunt Roberta – REST.   My Aunt Roberta has a wonderful approach to her season of suffering.  She enjoys focusing on the word; REST.  When we rest, we allow joy to be strengthened.  Resting opens our ears and minds to receive deeper confidence in the only One that has strength to conquer.  His […]

Lessons from Aunt Roberta -WAIT

Lessons from Aunt Roberta – WAIT.   Wait.  This was the first word my aunt shared in her handling of suffering.  This word, like the other words shared with me, contains four words within.  The acronym reads, “Worship As I Trust.”  When bad news strikes, my aunt quickly goes into a waiting pattern.  This first […]


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