I hate sin.  The more I grow in my love for Jesus, the deeper my hatred becomes with sin.  I hate the way it adds unnecessary weight to my daily marathon.  I hate the deception, the evil, the darkness, and the pain it causes.  I hate seeing sin destroy marriages and families.  I hate sin.

Do you hate sin?

Do you wage war against it?

Do you welcome it as an awkward houseguest?

What should you and I do with sin?

1.  We should place it at the cross and walk away.  The cross was the birthplace of our full recovery.  It remains empty, therefore leaving sin at the foot of the cross causes it to lose its power…since our Savior beat death.  Leaving our sin at the cross comes when we confess (agree with the Father) and repent (turn away from it and turn to a GREATER joy) to Jesus.  We should not walk daily with sin as a house pet.  Rather, we should throw it at the cross and joyfully embrace Jesus as better.  In the Gospel, God the Father looks at us and declares us eternally innocent, because Jesus paid it all.  This is and will always be good news.

2.  We should make war against it.  Instead of hanging out with sin like friends, we should attack sin like bitter enemies.  Making war against sin pushes us to combine both the defensive and offensive side in following Jesus.  Making war is done in several ways.  Finding accountability.  Confessing to Jesus and to one another.  Severing each source, which breeds evil.  Diving deeper in personal worship of the Risen Savior.  Filling minds with truths of God’s Word.  There are many ways war can be used against sin.  It begins when hatred is stirred in the soul for what God hates.  Identifying this is simple.  Simply opening the pages of Scripture will discover what our Lord is FOR and what our Lord is AGAINST.  We often don’t make war, because we don’t become familiar with the tactics of the enemy.

3.  We should always look to Jesus as the better option.  We are faced with options daily.  Should I drink water or coke?  Should I eat a sandwich or salad?  Should I watch Auburn or BAMA?  When sinful temptations come, we must choose Jesus as the better option.  It may involve simply whispering to ourselves, “Jesus is better.”  When faced with a choice between sin or Jesus, we must turn to Jesus as not only the better option, but also the greater reward.  Marriages and families can be restored and revived if people simply look to Jesus as the better option than what sin would produce.  A wife struggling with materialism may look to Jesus as the better joy.  A husband hiding porn may look to Jesus as the better treasure.  Children rebelling against parents may look to Jesus as the guide for wisdom and maturity.  Jesus is and will always be the better option.

What to do with sin?

Let’s give it to Jesus.

Let’s turn to Jesus.

Let’s trust in Jesus.

Let’s enjoy Jesus as the better option, the greater treasure, and most glorious reward we can have on this side of God’s amazing glory.

Soli Deo Gloria,