Social media has become the gathering place for status updates, picture sharing, business soliciting, memes, and many other uses.  So often, posts are made with or without the best intentions.  What questions should we ask ourselves before posting?  Here are some that came to mind.

1.  Will this post be embarrassing to my family?  Teens are often guilty of neglecting this question.  Posts are often made online without any thought of family honor, reputation, or virtue.  It’s safe and best to consider family before posting.

2.  Will this post be edifying to others?  Subtweets are the worst invention on social media.  We can easily tear down others while hiding behind 140 characters.  Perhaps asking if our words are or aren’t edifying  for the reader will avoid regret?

3.  What does this post say about my faith?  For Christ followers, this is a vital question.  Our level of consistency can be seen in the posts we make.  It is best to think of Jesus before posting.  If it elevates His Name, the post is good.  If it hurts His mission, it should be avoided.

4.  Is this picture appropriate?  With the rise of so many health businesses, workout plans, and gym selfies; this question must be considered.  I’m happy for those that work out.  I want to get my rear in shape!  However, we don’t need to see pictures that may reveal too much in the process.  Also, I’m happy for beach vacations.  It’s best to consider what pictures are shared in a week of no responsibilities.

5.  Will this post antagonize other world views?  I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ.  I stand true to His Gospel.  I believe He is the absolute and only way to glory.  This question is the most pressing for me.  While I will defend Him to the grave, I must also remember my audience.  Jokes or bitter comments about those outside of my faith can do more damage than good.  Consider grace in every post; especially when speaking of the glory of Jesus.

What would you add?  These questions and many more come to mind daily when I post.

Soli Deo Gloria,