Husbands are called by the mercy of Jesus to lead and serve their wives (Ephesians 5:25-33).  This command was never meant to be an option years after the covenant was made.  This responsibility is the number one job for every husband on the planet, minus his joy in following Jesus.  When did we become so lenient in our roles as husbands?  Permit me to offer 5 things each husband must do for his wife.

1.  Pray with your wife daily.  When you wake up, throughout the day, and at the conclusion of each day, pray.  I’m not talking about a fast prayer at dinner.  I’m talking about a time of intentional, joyful conversing with the Father with the woman He has given you.

2.  Read the Bible with your wife daily.  This can be difficult when kids come into the picture.  Take the time daily to read the treasure of God’s Word with your wife.  This can be short devotional or an exposition of a certain text.  God’s Word should be the center of your covenant as you lean daily on His everlasting grace.

3.  Take your wife on a date as much as you can.  It should never get old holding the hand of the woman of your dreams.  Men, this is 1 woman, for our lifetime.  Spend some money, hire a babysitter, plan out the evening, and treat her as if you were pursuing her for the first time.  This is not only biblical, it is so beneficial for generations to follow.  Be creative on your dates.  Listen.  Talk.  Embrace.  Enjoy.  The beauty of marriage is this fact; you get to take your date home with you without any embarrassment or guilt.

4.  Communicate with your wife more than anyone else.  I often get teased for how many times I text and speak to Brooke throughout the day.  I have no regret.  Since she is my most important person, she gets my attention the most.  Fill your phone daily with text messages with your lady.  If you are out of town, call her when she is expecting…and call her when she isn’t expecting.  She should be the first to know of your plans or ideas.

5.  Put your wife above every person.  Your wife comes before your work.  Your wife comes before your friends.  Your wife comes before every selfish desire of your heart.  This may involve saying, “no” to evenings away from the home.  This may involve sacrificing career advancement or other worldly success.  I’ve attended many funerals in my life and listened to the stories of new widows.  So often I get to hear this, “He loved me and we had a wonderful life together.”  I haven’t heard, “I’m glad he made a lot of money and put others before me.”  Those comments are not often broadcasted!  As I have said before in weddings I’ve officiated, I’ll say again here.  If I had to make a choice, I’d rather be a zero outside of my home, but a hero in the eyes of my wife and children.

What would you add to this list?

Soli Deo Gloria,