Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful – Hebrews 10:23, ESV

We must hold fast daily the confession, the declaration of our allegiance to the only One who defeated sin and death.  When we feel defeated, we must remember His victory.  When our hope is shattered, we must remember His faithfulness.  When our strength is failing and our bodies are weak, we must remember His power and might.  Holding fast to the confession of our hope involves the necessity of faith remembrance.  How can this happen?

1.  Faith remembrance comes in daily Gospel reminders.  Do yourself a great favor and dive deep into the riches of God’s Gospel truths.  You have many options available at the buffet of His glorious grace.  I love turning to Romans.  This glorious book gives detail of redemption story and helps me remember His acceptance.  Sing the Gospel to yourself in the car.  Look at others with the eyes of the Gospel.  See them, not in light of their sins or mistakes, but in God’s mercy and opportunity for redemption.  Faith remembrance involves Gospel-centered time and experiences with the Redeemer.  Make a plan.  Carve out time.  Dive deep.  The pool is at our feet each morning.

2.  Faith remembrance comes in worship.  We must worship and adore Him for our eyes to see His faithfulness.  It is folly to replace our worship of Him with idolatry.  If we aren’t careful, we will find ourselves consumed with things and people that interrupt our joy.  Eliminate joy interrupters.  Worship Him without wavering.  Holding fast to the confession of our hope includes genuine celebration of His eternal victory.  This is not done by style, but by substance.  The substance is the foundation of Jesus.  Examine what you are singing.  Examine what you are doing in a worship setting.  If it is not about Jesus and His truth…you will receive a joy distracter.

3.  Faith remembrance involves identifying sin and declaring victory.  Confession must be done daily.  Ignoring our sins is like declaring the sun does not exist while being covered with sunburns.  We need to see our sin as the evil it is and give it over to the Father…for the good HE IS.  Identifying sin involves accountability, community, and a genuine understanding of the Word of God.  When we see what displeases Him, we agree with it, and ask for forgiveness.  The beauty of God’s grace is…His unending faithfulness to us!  We can declare victory and be more than conquerors (Romans 8:37) in this world, because He is faithful.  He eliminates it and replaces it with unwavering hope.  He is so good.

Jesus is always better.

Look at your sin and declare Jesus is better.

Examine your idols and declare Jesus is better.

Look at your hurts and pains and declare Jesus is better.

Find your disappointments and declare Jesus is better.

He is better.  He wins.  He has prepared a place for you and I in glory (John 14:1-6).  We can have unwavering hope today in this gift.  He is faithful.

Soli Deo Gloria,