Lessons from Aunt Roberta – REST.


My Aunt Roberta has a wonderful approach to her season of suffering.  She enjoys focusing on the word; REST.  When we rest, we allow joy to be strengthened.  Resting opens our ears and minds to receive deeper confidence in the only One that has strength to conquer.  His Name is Jesus.  Using rest, my aunt challenged me to “Release Every Single Thing.”  Yes, release.  Stop holding and carrying weight.  Rest.  It’s hard for us to rest.


We sometimes slip back into the mindsets of toddlers when it comes to rest.  My sweet boy loves to play, run, talk, adventure, and experience every hour of the day.  Rest is often his enemy.  Hearing, “Jude, it’s time to take a nap,” he becomes restless.  As soon as my boy gets into his bed with his favorite blanket, he usually passes out.  However, getting him to rest is sometimes a challenge.  Parents of toddlers can relate, I’m sure.  We are not too different.  We need to learn to rest.


Release every single thing.  I love this challenge from Aunt Roberta.  We should release what we hold onto and grab tighter to the sovereign love of our Father in glory.  What should we release?  I have my list.


I must release my desire for control

I must release my tendency to worry

I must release my ambition for attention

I must release my anger toward another

I must release my anxiety toward the unknown

I must release my idolatry

I must release my self-centered tendencies

I must release my unrealistic expectations of others

I must release my will for success

I must release all obstacles of my faith

I must release my drive toward acceptance

I must release my distractions

I must continue to release.


I’m curious, what is on your list?  What must you release?  My aunt has great wisdom in her season of suffering.  Releasing every single thing and resting in the care of our Father in glory is eternally rewarding.  It requires faith.  It involves dependency.  It is worth the journey.  Augustine wisely stated, “God, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find their rest in you.”  Rest.  Take today and bring your restless heart to the fortress of your Savior.


Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted on the earth – Psalm 46:10


Soli Deo Gloria,