Lessons from my Aunt Roberta – HUGS


            My aunt is a hugger.  Do you have a hugger in your family?  She does not know strangers.  She has no shame in hugging folks in public.  Love genuinely comes from her soul to those around her.  She loves the unlovable.  She loves the unreached.  She loves her husband, kids, and family.  She loves her neighbors and her church family.  She is the real deal.  When I get to see her, I expect a hug.


Taking this word, my aunt challenged me with these words she prays to God, “Help Us Grow Stronger.”  That has been her prayer lately in this season of suffering.  Because of her great love for Jesus and for others, she longs for inclusive strengthening.  In other words, she looks out for others as much as herself for strength.  This beautiful display of humility comes from a regenerated heart of love.  I want to love others like that.  I want my prayer life to shift toward that same prayer, “Father, help us grow stronger.”


It is easy to make life about you.  Trust me.  Even our prayer lives can leave out the needs of others.  Lately, I have attempted to pray more for others.  If we all took my aunt’s wisdom, we would perhaps see growth in others.  Do you know anyone weak, afraid, or sick?  Pray for them.


We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves – Romans 15:1, ESV

Loving others is the key for my aunt’s HUGS approach in her suffering.  When we love, we respond. Choose to love others today.  I would strongly suggest you examine all of 1 John.  This book is full of truth in regards to God’s love for us and our love for others.  This is the key for HUGS.  May that be our prayer.  Help us grow stronger.


Soli Deo Gloria,